Glioblastoma Foundation funds study on targeted drug therapy for Glioblastoma

Glioblastoma has proven to be one of the most difficult cancers to treat and cure. Today, on Glioblastoma Awareness Day, the Glioblastoma Foundation is pleased to announce that we are funding a new study led by Dr. Vinay Puduvalli, Chair of the Department of Neuro-Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center, to examine glioblastoma cancer metabolism processes and new combination therapies for glioblastoma.

The study will focus on cancer metabolism pathways that may be essential for glioblastoma survival. One such pathway is the NAD or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide metabolism pathway. NAD is a critical metabolism molecule involved in glioblastoma cell growth.

Glioblastomas, as a group, are known to be very heterogenous; one reason why treating them effectively can be so hard. The metabolism processes that mediate glioblastoma cancer growth are thought to be more conservative and present opportunities for targeted drug therapy and other effective treatments.

The Glioblastoma Foundation would like to thank Dr. Puduvalli and his team at MD Anderson for their commitment to glioblastoma therapy improvement!

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The current standard of care for glioblastoma consisting of radiation and chemotherapy is ineffective.

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