Meet The Schwartz Family

"He was the type of guy that would do anything for his family and his friends. He was just the best all-around guy."

About the Episode / Summary

Michael Schwartz was diagnosed with glioblastoma and passed away just a couple months later. His two daughters Ilyse and Brooke share their story about their father’s unique glioblastoma diagnosis, his rapid loss of motor skills, and how difficult it was to watch the strongest person they knew very quickly fade away.

Join us as our host, Amanda Lamb, talks to Ilyse and Brooke about their father – sharing her own mother’s story along the way as well! Listen as Ilyse and Brooke explain that raising money for the Glioblastoma Foundation was a way for their family to feel as though something positive came from the loss of their loved one. 

"Our whole life was turned upside down and everyday we felt like we were sprinting because we couldn't keep up with the changes of his diagnosis."
About the Host
Amanda Lamb, television news reporter, author
Amanda Lamb is a veteran television crime reporter with three decades of experience. She works for an award-winning NBC affiliate, WRAL-TV. She also appears regularly on national news magazine programs and networks which feature true crime stories. Amanda has written and published eight nonfiction books. Amanda is the author three true crime books based on cases she covered for television including: Deadly Dose, Evil Next Door, and Love Lies. She has also published four memoirs, one about caregiving and three about parenting, including: The Living Room, I Love You to God and Back, Girls Gone Child, and motherhood. Amanda has penned two children’s books, including a story book version of I Love You to God and Back. Her next children’s book, We Are Not the Same, is aimed at teaching children about people living with disabilities. Amanda's book, The Living Room, is about her mother's glioblastoma diagnosis and the 80-day battle with glioblastoma that followed.

The current standard of care for glioblastoma consisting of radiation and chemotherapy is ineffective.

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